Political Representation of People of India


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We the people of Republic of India always feel proud on our democratic setup. Definitely we should feel proud on representative democracy of republic with excellent record but at the time of celebrating 60 years of our parliament I like to stop and see are we completely democratic.
15 general elections, dozens of assembly election and hundreds of municipality elections are held in Republic every 5 years or less but still we are facing thousands of problems. Still a lot of people are unsatisfied and felt unrepresented in this biggest festival of Democracy. I was feeling happy and proud at the eve of 13th may 2012 for completion of 60 years of temple of democracy then small news from a news paper get my attention. News about the representative system of government, so I start collecting information about the elections in India. To give you a clear picture about what I am trying to discuss I am sharing the data of last general election and UP assembly elections.
Indian general election, 2009 (vote cast 59.7%)
Alliance         Total Casted                         representation of               Seat won       Seat(%)
Name             votes (%)                  adult population   
UPA                37.22                                       22.22                           262                  48.25  
NDA               24.63                                       14.70                           159                  29.28
Third front      21.15                                       12.63                           79                    14.54
Forth Front      5.14                                         3.07                             27                    4.97
Others             6.51                                         3.88                             16                    2.95

Uttar Pradesh State Assembly Elections 2012 Vote Tally( 62.04% Voting)

Alliance         Total Casted                         representation of               Seat won       Seat(%)
Name                    votes (%)                         adult population   
SP                         29%                                         18%                             224                  55.58
BSP                     26%                                         16.13%                        80                    19.85
OTH            16%                                        9.92%                          15                    3.72
BJP                     15%                                          9.31%                          47                    11.66
CONG+          14%                                          8.68%                          37                    9.18
This data give us a clear picture of how much support a party needed to come into power either in union or state government, even a lot of vote of every party is shared between its defeated candidates so the exact need of winning votes will be very less then what every party gets in election. The irony of the situation is the representative government of republic is never having a support of majority of people not even majority share in casted votes. A minority government is representing the majority of populace. Is it a democracy?
We see the stupid or irresponsible comments from various politicians and sometimes we get a kick in back by them, they claim to represent various communities, states or different ethnic people and because of the irresponsible comment by these politicians a lot of people create a negative image of a particular group of people. Why politicians do it?
And if we look about those people who are not voting and don’t have any real representation in assembly are the biggest share of voters who are saying that they don’t approve the standing candidates. If the majority decides in democracy and majority of voters are not casting their votes just because of lack of option why we are not doing anything to provide them representation. Even the parties having sufficient voters base is gaining less seats or no seats because of a concentrated voter bank in a constituency. How is it a democracy in real terms if my vote doesn’t count and as the statics shows parties don’t need my vote and if I do vote for change it is a waste if not for a main political party.
I saw a few problems in our current election system:-
·         It is not representing the will of people in exact way.
·         The majority of voters are not participating in elections because they felt unrepresentative
·         Current election system is more for being in power or king maker rather than caring for people.
May be you people ask me why I am counting the negative points of election system and questioning the great Indian democracy. For this I have just one answer if people of Kashmir, and Naxalite areas will have been able to choose the people who want to do work for them rather than some person from a political party may be these problems have been solved a long time ago. Yes there are elected people from those areas but not elected by the majority so they don’t represent the majority and in harsh word don’t care for majority. The Elections are the biggest festival and biggest exam of a democratic country and if we are playing by cheatable rules how can we claim to be a democracy.
We need a new way of election and to ensure the representation of people in assembly need to define the rules by which a person who represent majority will be elected or a party get exact share in assembly as per its voter share. By this representative election only we can concentrate on the real issues of people of India. Europeans and American democracies are practicing this process and the success of these countries and the high HDI is proof of the success of this system. Our 60 year old system helped us a lot and it created a strong base for the acceptance of democracy in India. Now lets take this one step further, lets ensure that every citizen is represented and only work and idea for betterment of country matters in politics not you caste, religion or hate. There is one more benefit of representative system we will get rid of corrupt and criminals from our politics as only voters matter in this system not the leaders or electable. So presently the parties who are hesitating to clean the politics to lose the seats in parliament or assembly will be able to clan it.
I want to celebrate the next milestone of Indian democracy as 100% representation to people and by seeing a clean politics which is not a rosy dream if only we want to fulfill it.
Long live India. Long Live Democracy

The unstoppable India


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There was a king who ruled with such passion and love for people that his rule is defined as perfect and he became god. A war for good, which became myth. A politician, who is worshiped as god. A teacher who changed the destiny of a country.  A Badshah who was like polar star in medieval world and got the title of great from its people. A river which, becomes the pillar of a country, culture and religion. A mountain, which is crown of a nation. A desert which produce bravest warriors with high noble conduct. A plain which supported some of the greatest civilizations of world. A peninsula which is so rich in culture that affected most of the south East Asia with its way of life. A hilly forest which is one of the most beautiful places of the world.  4 books with so much knowledge that still world are looking at them. Welcome to India.
Today 1.21 billion people live in it and face daily challenges in their life. There is not enough medicine to cure all, not education for all, millions are people are living without house and other millions don’t have sanitation facilities in their house. The insurance of food and clean water for all is still a target to achieve. Some of the poorest and undernourished people live here but still India is not facing an Arab Spring or Syrian killings. It is unstable like other south Asian countries and if you ask a average Indian he still prefer to live in India. 
I thought about it and then there was a question why? Why is India not reacting like others are we indifferent to what happens near us? No, the peaceful support for Anna Hajare, the high voting % in the 2012 states elections tell that we care. The food shelters and Free water stalls in summer, free hot cloths in winter tells that Indian care for each other. Then there is a 2nd question if we are such a caring people why are we facing so many problems and behave in less civilized way in some situations.
I searched for these questions and their answers in our present and past of India. And I was taken by surprise when I found the answers. I found the Indian way, different from world, a very complicated for a foreigner but simple to Indians.
During its long journey of time India Developed some unique but effective systems to make things happen. One of them was Varn- System which today known as caste system. This was a great system in past which provide work and responsibility to every person and helped him to belong to a society but with time it lost its most wonderful feature, it was based on the basis of capability of a person to do the work rather than one’s birth. The objective of this system was to help an individual to grow and to put society before individual, this too was lost in the time.
But the change is emerging, a slow but much stable change, again capability is become the reason for a person’s work in most areas and the much criticized reservation system helped a lot of people to come in main stream, it may be reduced the growth of India in starting phase but it increased the harmony in India and if some people took the changes so lightly let me share one more point. This was the most smooth and peaceful sharing of power in human history. The change it created and the power it provided is enormous and still it was passed by a peaceful support by RastraPita “Mahatma Gandhi” and with a law. In any other country it would have been the reason for decade’s long civil war. The reach of wrong policies of this caste system is reducing every day. More and more castes are coming forward and the successful persons in a caste are helping others to grow. It is one of the best examples of sharing in world. There is a long way to go but the journey so for had been peaceful with only some incidents and hopefully the old varn-System will took place in coming future.
The Indians were criticized in most of the world history as not being warriors or not being invaders and murderers. Mostly Indians are vegetarians and there was campaigns which showed only meat make you brave. Indians waited with patience and respect for its ways and showed their way to world, rather than opposing the meat theory or teaching to be vegetarian Indians just showed what they are and now more and more people are becoming vegan and accepting other beautiful gift of India like yoga, Karma and Gita, even the non-vegetarian of India is becoming famous. After the days of who is better invader is gone the peaceful existence of Indians and their policy of not attacking others for wealth or land gained them a respectful place in world. With every passing day the world is trying to understand the India and its ways and the rise of India is just opposite to rise of China. Its rise is giving assurance to others that this is the country which always stand with right and in its own way.
One of the biggest problem of India was to ensure food for all. To solve the food problem, Indians had 3 options-
1.       To leave the problem on market and ensuring the environment for growth of market.
2.      To put state control on market, production and distribution.
3.      Leave the people to die.
But India opted the 4thway. It came up with the biggest welfare program of world- the Food Security bill. It doesn’t affect the market as price is not controlled for all; neither has it controlled production or distribution for all food. It ensures the distribution of food on low price to poor by government distribution system. A lot of person is criticizing this program because of the burden Government is going to take, but the beauty of system is, with food security bill India is running one of the biggest employment provider program NAREGA, which ensures 100 days work for poor people. The scheme has not achieved all the targets and is criticized for corruption but with the growth of Indian economy these schemes ensures that the government is willing to fight the poverty and the payment and other facilities to people is increasing with everyday. Even it generated employment for educated population of India as supervisors and managers of program and in the banks which were opened to operate the accounts of NAREGA.
The one of the biggest problem faced by world is availability of clean water. India with hundreds of rivers and average rainfall is facing the same problem, but the reason for this problem in India was not the lack of clean water but the misuse of water. To ensure water for all and agriculture India planned the biggest river connection program of world, but cancelled it due to lack of funds and change of government. Then it came with 2nd plan and made wells and ponds in a lot of rural areas under NAREGA and India is implementing a plan to recharge underground water with rainwater.
The housing for people is the 3rdbiggest problem of India and for this they are making several small homes on affordable price for low income group. The public and private both are active players in this domain and lacs of houses are building every year.
The next problem of India is lack of sanitation and medical facilities and for this some private companies are making public sanitation facilities with the contract of government. The government is also supporting a cleanliness campaign in whole India to encourage people to make sanitation facilities in their house. The healthcare is still a major concern in India but with the opening of private hospitals and government plan to open a medical college in every district will improve the healthcare facilities. Some of the present available health facilities are maintaining the world standard and increasing the medical tourism for India.
The electricity is the next issue for India. The government opened the power sector for private players and from then the availability of electricity is improved and it will take some time to ensure the uninterrupted electricity to all. India is not only generating the electricity but also encouraging on green electricity and R & D in this sector.
 Presently India is 2nd in producing the engineers in world and more than 2 million people graduate every year. As of 2009, India has 20 central universities, 215 state universities, 100 deemed universities, 5 institutions established and functioning under the State Act, and 33 institutes which are of national importance. Other institutions include 16000 colleges, including 1800 exclusive women’s colleges, functioning under these universities and institutions. As of 2011, there is 1522 degree-granting engineering colleges in India with an annual student intake of 582,000 plus 1,244 polytechnics with an annual intake of 265,000. India has a huge education system (3rd in world) but it needed to be huger to cover all India and with time the standards of these colleges are improving. From independence till now India has touched some major mile stones in education area and with more participation of private sector, government and the right to education and mid day meal, the education % of India has improved and this was considered one of the main reasons for economic rise of India.
The young and vibrant India which is coming out of colleges and working in private or public sector has a dream of developed India which he shares with all the other Indians. These are the people who made these things happen and given the economic rise to their beloved India and made it proud with their behavior in most part of the world. These are the engine of growth of India and the character of unstoppable India. They want best for themselves, for their family. They are the voice who raises the issue in society and political forum. They are the determination to make things happen. They don’t pick Kalashnikovs neither they wave banners on street but the take the streets to go for work and making India more stable and prosperous every day. They are part of the solution and belong to a landmass who journeyed thousands of KM before reaching its destination and people who lived thousands of years on it with one determination, we are here and we belong here. India faced attacks from invaders, it saw death of millions by droughts, flood and illness but it never stopped fighting back and standing on its feet. The unbreakable journey of 7000 years is not a transfer of culture or civilization; it is the journey of Unstoppable India.

The china story


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Onceupon a time, a long time ago, a woman was watering her sheep.  Her husband had reminded her to cover thewell tightly when she was done as water was scarce. But when she was done, sheforgot to close the well.  Soon,the well filled and water poured out and began to flood the grassland atthe bottom of the hill.  The sheepbleated in fright.
Justthen, a warrior came riding by. “Can you help me?” the womancried.  “I cannot stop thewater!” The warrior shot an arrow into the tallest mountain, splitting itin two. One part fell onto the well and stopped the water from pouring out.
Thewoman turned to the warrior, eager to thank him and to offer him food to eatwhen suddenly something occurred to her. She blurted, “But how will I getto the water again?  It is under amountain!” The warrior only bowed and smiled and went on his way.
Whenthe woman realized that she had not offered food or greeting, she hung her headin shame.
This is an old Chinese storywhich was taught to the children to learn manners and give respect to all. Then,there was a story of holding 2 Indians as hostage for wrongdoing of the companythey served and attack on one Indian embassy officer when he went to help them.There are rumors, suspicions and fears in neighbors of china and the irony ofthe situation is the fear and suspicions are because of peaceful rise of china.So there is just 2 options either all the neighbors are wrong or there is notjust a peaceful rise of china and its economy.
I wondered about these 2clashing points a peace which is frightening the neighbors and searched for thereasons and tried to understand the china story.
One of the ancient names ofchina was “Chung Kuo” which means center country and also haven under sky. Itis a country which still holds its ancient traditions and culture withinitself. China has made Europeans amazed with its culture, colors of life and dragonstories from the time of Romans till now. Silk and Black Powder are two mostknown contributions of china to world. The teaching of Confucius and Lau Tseare still loved and taught in most part of the world. How is it become possiblethat the formers of 40 centuries, the famous Peking-Man who flourished with theteaching of Lord Buddha become the threat for its neighbors and world?
Why the world is not feelingsafe with the rise of china and why world economy is more threatened because ofchina?
China was never known as awelfare state. The needs and demands of Chinese people were never high neither thelocal population was known as rich fellows who traveled the world. The fertileland and separation of china by mountains, deserts and ocean left it untouchedwith the changes of the world. Now when the physical distance means no morestill china is untouched because of the barriers installed by communist china.
China fought wars with Russia,Japan and Mongols and got divided like a cake by European countries during colonialera. The Afeem used by Europeans to subdue Chinese people still holds itseffect in background. Being overrun and divided by other nations left Chinese leadershipwith a mind set of prevailing over all others.
The 1st part of 20thcentury was the time when world was changing. A lot of Asian and Africancountries were gaining their Independence from European countries and trying toget their footstep on world stage. Some of them are trying for it till now butsome has emerged as main players on world stage like India, Israel, and Chinabut there is a period of few years before Mao and his long march when democracytried to get hold in china but it was overrun by Mao and Communist China had born.
A lot of maybe say that Mao wasright and the iron hand of communism is required to make china grow but we allknow communism is failed and even china has lost more than it had gained fromcommunism. Today china is a capitalist country under the disguise of communismand one of the few remaining governments who are near to totalitarian system.
A country with 3 trillion $reserve is killing its people for their demands of basic human needs. It’s a jokeor tragedy only history will decide. A people’s republic where, people of chinaneed permission to go, to buy and even to give birth to children. A governmentwhich, support every illegitimate government of world and deals with them evenif, they are banned by UNO.
Mao had told its followers-
“EveryCommunist must grasp the truth; “Political power grows out of the barrelof a gun.”
This was truth during the timeof WWII and but not in today’s world and this is a thing which China and itsgovernment is due to learn. They have to accept that world had changed and withthis change the priories of people to changed but the communist in china are fearfulof accepting it and trying to put whole Chinese population in the fanciful dreamsof future which is more dangerous of Afeem used by colonial power in china andthis is because they don’t want to let the power slip from their hands.
The poverty is worst in chinaand same goes with human rights. A lot of Chinese people are founding thenrootless because they were removed from their homes and neighborhood to givespace for infrastructure. It will be look good at first glance and will make alot of us to think it as an effective solution for all the mismanaged neighborhoodsbut if we look deeply then we find a feeling of non-belongings in people. Mostof us are working out of our home city and we all can understand this feelingif it will be forced upon us to leave the home and playground for some otherpeople or government planning just because you are poor or living is slumareas.
We all had seen the skyscrapersof Shanghai, the highways of china, Chinese product in cheap cost in our marketand some wonder and some criticize them for price and quality but very few criticizethem for the process of production or the unfair handling of labors to makethem cheap. They are cheap not because of some production revolution but becauseof mishandling of people.
This is not the China which Maodid not want to built, nor this is the china which is shown in the story. Even thisis not the china which a common Chinese wanted. A place, where governmentshoots you because you don’t agree with it or remove you from your home becauseyou are not fitting in its plan of development. Yes the economy of china wasgrown and become the 2nd largest, it has biggest foreign reserve andhad a powerful military. I am not going into its not freeing Yuan like other currenciesof world for valuation by market, neither in the threats of its military rightnow because it will take some more time to gather some information but I ammore concerned with that common Chinese who is more threatened by china in comparisonof any of us. This is why we feel threatened by china and its peaceful rise.
The revolution of china is farfrom done and it’s now up to Chinese government and its people to decide whichpath china will fallow. The same which a lot of totalitarian governmentsfallowed and perished or the path which others followed and flourished. Till theday china doesn’t decide the entire world is watching it with gun near to hand.

Pakistan: A Threat, Challenge or Parasite for Indian Think Tank


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There are 2 nations who livedas one for thousands of years with love and harmony then they departed theirways and still they are enchanted with each other. Being Anti- India and Anti Pakistanhas become a qualification of patriotism. We are bound to see each other as anenemy and always try to overrun every opportunity for peace.  
India and Pakistan had fought 4wars in last 64 years 3 of them are on Kashmir issue and 1 war for Bangladesh.We had won all those wars and from 1965 the difference between Indian and Pakistanarmed forces are enlarging day by day. Now we are in a definite situation towin in any conventional war with our western neighbor and we are now a regionalpower with a lot of stars and achievement on our shoulder.  The political will is to place India as a globalplayer with increased economy, Better HDI and well armed and trained armedforces to defend our interest. We are officially shifting our gaze from Pakistanto China but in reality this is a long walk. The main threat to India, its stabilityand growth is China but all our leadership is still bound with Pakistan. Our politicalleader pass a anti-Pakistan comment and achieve a instant popularity, ourgenerals assure us that they can deal with Pakistan and we sleep happily thatnight. We had done well in cornering Pakistan and overlapping in defense andeconomy but this is the time to move on. 
We face threats of terrorism,war and less economical benefits because of Pakistan and it is acting as anenemy should act but the real problem of terrorism is not in the terrorists whofought us but it’s in the finance and psychology which make them to fight usand we all know Pakistan is not able to finance them single handily and neverit was. Our defense forces and leaders are working really hard to reduce thisthreat but how can you cure a disease without killing its viruses. The antiIndian politician in India and Pakistan are also one of the root causes of thisproblem because they find the recruit for terrorism with the help of financethey are receiving and we are working to just reduce the damage of their workrather than solving the problem. Sometimes I wonder are our leadership isunwilling or incapable or lack the basic common sense and logic which I neededto solve the problem of Pakistan and its work. Every time a person goes againstPakistan’s propagandas for Indian Muslims and he is banned as a Hinduist orright wing politician. For me India is a secular country and the persons wholive here are living as Indian not as Hindu or Muslim. In this particular areaPakistan has proven itself as a threat to Indian harmony but still we are notworking to remove root cause. In a tense situation we become Hindu, Muslim,anti- Pakistani, anti-Hindu, anti-Muslim, but It is very rare when we react asjust Indian(thank god recently the percentage is increasing).
The hate Pakistan shows forIndia and their blindness towards history because we have a common past is achallenge for us. To ignore such hate and bitterness for our good is not acommon human tendency. A man feels insecure in hostile situations and tries oneslevel best to secure its parameters but a situation like this become more dangerouswhen this men stop seeing all the threats even those which come in future witha cool mind and only reacts to the threat which it faces at a time. It iscalled survival and survival of anything is not everlasting. Our reaction tothe threats of Pakistan is more or less same. This is a challenge which we needto face and overcome if we want to be a global player in true term. We have tostop reacting each and every time Pakistan says something and start behavingmore maturely. We need to overcome our anti- Pakistan thinking and need toshift more pressuring problem.
But what I really believe is thatPakistan is for the most part neither a threat nor a challenge but a parasiteto Indian Think Tank. For last 64 years we had done all to defeat Pakistan ifit attack us, on international stage, we done all to counter it and its moveeven the citizen of India are more busy in comparing themselves and provingthemselves better then citizen of Pakistan. Yes, comparison is good and requiredfor growth but a comparison with those who are ahead of you not with those whoare behind you. Comparing India with a nation which is still finding a reasonto be a nation, where Jehad is more important than bread for children is awrong thing to do. This is the time to leave Pakistan where it is with an eyeon its move and concentrate on other players of stage and we must start workingto counter them.
GOI has started to move its focuson china but still we are working on to make sure to stop a Chinese invasionmilitarily or economically. We should work on to defeat china in these sectors.Time to overcome this parasite and becoming a world player is now and if we dropthis chance we will be like Japan with a lot of potential but only with lot of potential.Our concern is China and now it’s time for Indian populace to change their focuswe need to know more about them as we know about Pakistan and once we becomeequal or better then china the problem of Pakistan will be nothing more than a smallhurdle in the path of a mighty river.
The idea that a warcan be won by standing on the defensive and waiting for the enemy to attack isa dangerous fallacy, which owes its inception to the desire to evade the priceof victory.   – Douglas Haig


न होती मज़हबी दूरियाँ, न होती ऊंच नींच की मजबूरियां
आदम दिल यूँ शख्त न होता, जो ये तख़्त न होता
तो जान पाते की सबकी रगों में खून एक रंग है, सियासत की वजह से ही आपस में जंग है
लोगो ने बहाया यूँ रक्त न होता, जो ये तख़्त न होता
साम दाम दंड भेद जिसके लिए, जात पात रंग भेद जिसके लिए
सत्ता के लिए आदमी इतना आसक्त न होता, जो ये तख्त न होता

जला दो ऐसे तख़्त को, जो रक्त में भेद करता है
हटा दो ऐसे तख़्त को, हर शख्स में भेद करता है
मिटा दो ऐसे तख़्त को, जिस थाली में खाया उसी में छेद करता है
आओ आगाज़ करें एक नए रिवाज़ का
समर्थन करें जनता की हर आवाज़ का
न हो कोई तख़्त, न ही हो कोई औहदा
जमीं से जुड़ें ऐसे जैसे जुड़ता है कोई पौधा

आओ एक सभ्य समाज, नयी व्यवस्था, नए हिन्दुस्तां का सपना बुने
जमीन से जुड़े, मिटटी और आदमी की कद्र करने वालों को अपना नेता चुने
ताकि हम तो कहें दुनिया भी कहे हमसे सारे जहाँ से अच्छा हुन्दुस्तान तुम्हारा


Aj akela khada hua jivan ke dorahe pe,
Karta intjar tera hun, ki aake hath tham mera
Chal safar yeh pura kar dalen, jivan ki in badhao per
Aaj vijay kar dale, na yeh haar akhri hai na khatm hua jivan safar apna,
Fir kyun himmat hara hun, kyun baitha main dara hua,
Tum ho chah meri subse badi fir aaj kyun aaj main akela hun,
Kyun hara main jeevan me kyun tujhese main dur hua,
Kyun deni padti hai har bar prem pariksha mujhe,
Kyun mujhe chain nahi kyun mujhe aaram nahi,
Aake fir teri bahon me kyun jagta mujheme vishwas nahi,
Kyun meri chahat adhuri hai kyun meri pyas baki hai.
Kub khatm hogi durdasha meri kub mujhe sakun aayega,
Kya karun aj main jo fir vishwas jayega,
Kyun tum pareshan ho, kyun hairan baithe ho
Karo mujhe vishwas thoda, kuch der thamo hath mera,
Main dara hua hun bhitar se, main har hua hun jeevan se,
Karta yahi gujarish apno se, sath mera na chodo tum,
Kuch mujhepe vishwas karo kuch to mujhese bhi aas karo,
Jis rah chala sath tere, jis manjil ki khwaish thi,
Chalo use pura kar aayen, main banunga sahara tera jeevan bhar,
Bus kuch waqt tum mera sahara bano.

for u

main jeeta sare jag se,  bus apno se main har gaya,
chah kari jis jeevan ki, us chah se aaj mara gaya,
deni chahi thi kushi tujhe bus gam ke saye de paya,
main tujh bin kitna adhura hun yeh aaj talak na kah paya,
sirf teri hansi ke liye jiya yeh baat tujhe na kah paya,
main bhi kuch majboor hua hun jeevan ke halato se,
kuch mar diya khud ko maine apne swapno ke hatho se,
baki jo bacha woh tasvir bus tere prem ki hain,
tu ne bhi na samjha mujhko fir yeh kis kam ki hai,
1 adhuri khawish ka ahsas bach hun main,
tum sang kuch jine ki pyas liye hun main,
jo kho baitha tum ko bhi to swapn kahan se lounga,
khud ko kaise pahchanunga khud ko kaise bhulounga,
sir waqt bitake tum sang mujhe milta aaram nahi,
1 hi khawaish hai meri ki tujho ho aaram sabhi,
din rrat isi dun me jalta hun, main teri 1 hansi ke liye tarsata hun.
tum meri prem jwala tum meri jeevan hala,
maine apna sara sanchin anurag push,
apne sare pund paap aur kalush,
sub kuch jo mera apna tha,
jo bhi mera sapna tha,abhiman mera,
tere prem ke mandir me samrpit kar aaya hun.
main aaj yeh jivan de tujhko mukt ho jata hun,
teri 1 pal ki khushi me main hi ab main apna astitv pata hun.

Is dil ko ab aadat hai ter prem ka madhur sangeet sunane ki,
Mujho ab aadat hai tujhko khud sa hi samjhane ki,
Main bhul kabhi kar jata hun, Tujhe se itna pyar kar jata hun,
Main bhul jata hun hun ajad astive hamara hai,
Kuch tumhari umeeden hai, kuch tumhari kwaieshen hai,
Ab main khayal rakhunga unka bhi tumko tum hi samjhunga,
Tum meri poorak ho pratibimb nahi yeh baat main yaad rakhunga.
Per ho jo khata mujhese to maaf karna, yeh aadat jate-2 jayegi,
Kuch waqt dena mujhe sudharne ka, tumhe fir se samjhane ka,
Is prem ak nayi manjil pane ki, khud ko tumme bhulane ki,
Per kuch wade pahle nibhane hain, tum se bhi aur khud se bhi,
Tumko dena hai jeevan khushhal, jisme na ho koi ahsaas-e-kami,
Kuch waqt den pari is insaan ko tumhe samjh pane ka,
Jo paya hai uski kadr karne ka aur usi me kho jane ka,

Democracy in south Asia


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The meaning ofdemocracy is “rule of people” but in south Asia it is everything then itsdefinition. Let see what Democracy has done to South Asia and what south Asiahas done to democracy.
As I would not be a slave, so I wouldnot be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy.  – Abraham Lincoln
The democracy is one of themost popular findings of Age of Enlightment. It is just like a medicine whichcan cure you or a drug which can make you addicted of it. After 300 years ofbirth of democracy on world stage it got the spotlight again after the peoplemovement in Middle East, South East and South Asia and Africa. A lot of peoplediscussed the future of democracy in Middle -east and Africa and no coverageand thought had been given recently to Democracy and South Asia. 
The definition of Democracy issimplest definition of the world- “Rule of People”. With the increase in wealthand industrial revolution a lot of Europeans started asking questions againstKing and Church, 2 dictating power of their day-to-day life and after therevolution they established the rule of people and most of the countries removedkings from governance and all removed church from governance. The biggest contributionof Europeans to democracy was separation of religion from administration.
In the middle of 20thcentury several nations got independence or birth and south Asian countries wereone of them. Some of those newly freed countries becomes democratic and startedthe process of welfare of their people others tried and then got converted indictatorship, some other has gone for communism but the south Asian Countriesdone something unique. These 7 countries had tried all the form of governanceexcluding formal kingship in the name of democracy. 
The south Asian countries arethe single ones who shown the democratic way of gaining independence. Mr.Gandhi, Nehru, Zinna, Patel and others were the prominent name of one of the biggestpeaceful revolution to gain independence. This was the single example where theruler and people whom he ruled all were happy on the independence. Such revolutionbecomes a light house for other nations to gain independence with peacefulmeans but the picture of Independence and democracy was not all golden. With thegaining independence from British rule with such patience and democracy Indiagot divided and this becomes the most bloodthirsty division of any country withmillions died and displaced. 
We had seen the politicalleaders like Nehru- Sastri in India, Bhutto in Pakistan, Sheikh Mujibur Rahmanin Bangladesh, king Tribhuvan in Nepal, Aung San Suu Kyi of Mayanmar, and Bandarnaikein Shrilanka who started and supported political system of their country and  become the harbringer of Democracy in Region.We also seen the dictatorship of Indira Gandhi, Ayub khan, Yahiya Khan, ZiaurRahman, General Ne win, marshal law of Sri Lanka for decades and Taliban. The ironywas we were dictated for saving the democracy. Now the question is how adictator can save Democracy, isn’t both are opposite to each other.
Still we are not over with ourromance with democracy. I am not against democracy but I am against the romancewith it, because it is a tool to use for collective welfare of people. To increaseharmony among them, to give them chance to prosper and to reduce ethnic differencesbetween them, but because of the romance with the Idea of democracy given usall the opposite results. South Asian is still ethnically diversified peoplewho struggle on day-to-day basis for their needs, who are illiterate, lesscivil and unethical. We have so-much patience for the wrong deeds of powerfulpeople and completely intolerable to urgency of fellow citizen.
 South Asian had contributed to everything theworld they had converted each thing according to us either American music, Chinesefood, Italian Pizza or the international language English. Same goes with thedemocracy. Democracy is an Idea woven in the thinking of people of south Asianjust as common sense but its full implementation is as rare as use of commonsense.
The position of democracy is:-
  • There are wish for democracybut lack of will to sacrifice individual freedom for it.
  • South Asian Democracy providedspace to fight towards equality and justice but there is still not room enoughto create and implement rules for it.
  • The promises of constitutionfor democracy, freedom, and welfare are still promises and it will take verymuch time to convert it into a reality.
  • The region is most diversifiedregion and governments of countries had tried to manage this diversificationbut due to the lack of political will this diversity had created more problemsor complicated them.
  • The successors of foundingleaders are incapable and corrupt which were unable to solve the day-to-dayproblems of people and unable to provide the atmosphere for growth of peopleand democracy.
  • There were several social movementhave emerged and tried to change the way of system and people but not a singleone is big enough to make some permanent change is society.
The South Asia shows that democracy canbe built in societies that have not attained high rates of economic growth. Italso indicates that democracies can evade addressing the issues of poverty,destitution and inequality even when the poor constitute a majority. Thecultures, practices and institutions of democracy have transformed the peopleof South Asia to citizens and bearers of rights and dignity. This gives rise toexpectations that most governments in the region have failed to meet. But beforebeing a completely democratic region which has the welfare of its citizen itsneed to be democratic which means their ability to choose a government  which insure their welfare first and reducethe political and regional problems to make region grow and achieve a highlevel of economic growth where poor too can get profit of democracy and not bea tool to seizing the power in the hand of few for the dream of better life.South Asia will be a complete democratic nation when the people of south Asiawill decide that this is enough and now they want the rule of people andwelfare of people with a atmosphere where everybody have chance to grow.
In a democracy the poor will have morepower than the rich, because there are more of them, and the will of themajority is supreme. – Aristotle