One fine day of dashahra king Ravan was waiting to be killed by king ram in evening and was discussing the plans of roars and fire-works with workers when a fleet of black vehicles passed. At seeing such a happy audience the cars stopped and came out the recent unthroned prince to meet the workers. Seeing him workers who had almost finished their work ran away from site by taking just 70 % of their payment. The contractor was quiet happy and thanked his stars but he had no guts to challenge the fate and ran away too.

When always happy ex-prince reached the spot he saw no living human to bow to him or offer his meal to him so he can use some common man photos, all there was just 3 statues of king ravna, kumbhkarna and Indrajeet. Now the ex-prince was irritated and angry but the king was more than angry he was the anger incarnated.

King ravana asked in him booming voice, “who are you? And why had you come when the Ramleela is in evening? But more important than that why the workers ran away after seeing you.”

The Oxford educated ex-prince was busy in his he-only-knows-what thing on Jupiter’s velocity and had heard only Ravana’s first question. So he replied, “Rahul……………”next words were not audible to writer because of the sounds of a lot of sounds from Ravan and his two family members.

And that was the day and time when Ravan has set fire to oneself never waiting for Ram to come and his brother and son has jumped in his flames to kill themselves.

The recent revelations have shown that price is safe and nothing happened to him. SPG and The oldest political party are very happy but I don’t know why people of India are so angry on Ravan?

One party member indeed told me that it shows how great prince is that even King Ravan broke rules to just please the prince and it also shows how popular he is in neighbor nations. But I am still not able to understand why people are so angry, they are even talking to replace Ravan and other two with Ahiravan and 2 other suitable characters from Ramayana.

I am not a people man, but you the people please tell me why you are so angry on Ravan.