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INS Vikrant (R11) formerly HMS Hercules, was a Majestic class aircraft carrier of the Indian Navy. She played a key role in enforcing the naval blockade on East Pakistan during the Indo-Pakistan War of 1971.

Vikrant was India’s only carrier for over twenty years. She was formally decommissioned on 31 January 1997. Following her decommissioning, Vikrant was marked for preservation as a museum ship in Mumbai, although a lack of funding has prevented progress on the ship’s conversion for this role. Similarly, speculation that the ship would be made into a training ship in 2006 came to nothing. Vikrant is open to the public by the Indian Navy for short periods, but as of April 2010, the Government of Maharashtra has been unable to find an industrial partner to operate the museum on a permanent, long-term basis.

She is the only World War II-era British-built aircraft carrier to be preserved as a museum.
INS Vikrant is the symbol of Indian victory over Pakistan in 1971 war. This ship has served India and defended it for decades. Now government wants to scrap this war hero for lack of funds and for potential fund raising.

Government should review its decision for honouring the memory of brave sailors of Indian Navy and should go ahead & convert this to a museum.

Help us save & preserve INS Vikrant by signing this petition.