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20th century was eye-witness of change in the world which we had known from centuries. In last 2 decades whole world has changed. Former allies were bitter enemy, enemies become friends and a lot of nations got freedom. The freedom the most cherished treasure of the world has been known too many humen first time in more than several centuries but the freedom was not as sweet as expected at-least not for the Indians.

The children of midnight got their due after biggest non-violent freedom struggle of known human history but then they gave in to the one of the biggest riots happened in world history. Millions died, hundreds of millions were displaced and the birth of 2 brothers from a single land has been sealed by blood and both became sworn enemy from the very first breath they had taken. Several researcher and historians had seen this, read this and analysis this and they had their own conclusions for this but very few has covered the POV of novice mango people of these nations.

USA and USSR has fought cold war, Britain and France has fought 100 year war, whole Europe fought 2 world wars with Germany but nowhere in the whole world had this anger and hate prevailed. Some can point out the Israel-Philistine relation as its equivalent or the relation between both Koreas. But are these can be putted on equal as the enmity of India-Pakistan. No, as there is at-least one who don’t hate other as much as other. Yes on government level India do a lot and same is claimed by Pakistan government. But this enmity doesn’t exist on the government level it exists on people’s level and why this enmity exists?

According to historical findings the problem started with the appearance of first significant Muslim kingdom on the land of India which increased during the rule of some sultans and came back to normal during the rule of some other sultan because of their policies but till the time of decline of Mughal empire these 2 were not on peace with each other but they were existing peacefully with each other. With the decline of Mughals and rise of Marathas as Hindu kingdom this rivalry got fresh blood but once the lands were occupied and order has established between kings this started to die down. At the time of first freedom struggle of India these both communities has fought against Company Sarkar as allies and natives.

At the time of Bengal division by British government of India the unity between 2 were so much that they died for each other and with each other, then what happened that after 40 years these 2 can’t live with each other and they started to ask for separate nation. Some put blame on the Divide and Rule policy of British Government, some on separate electorate which is an extension of above British policy and then there are many who put the blame on each other.

People of India have always very concerned on religion and they took it very seriously. The same people who opposed the Bengal division on religious term in 1905 have passed the 2 nation theory after 40 years. The people who lived together for 1000 years and called themselves Indians and brothers are now after the blood of each other.

The reason was not the fear of Hindu dominance as some claim neither it was fear of Muslims dominance as others claimed it was the absence of belief on each other and more then that it was betrayal by both to their nation and each other. Indians have been lived under great Mughal and great Marathas in recent history and apart from few incidents people lived peacefully under both. Mughals employed Hindus and Hindus employed Muslims in their kingdoms, lordships etc. Apart from some rulers none has cared which religion its populace fallows till they don’t rise against it or stop paying taxes.

But in the first half of 20th century the colonial power had seen the danger this relation between these 2 had for its empire in India and started to attack on it but the attack was not the reason for separation the few short-sighted leaders were, who used it to gain some mass base and then use it to negotiate better thing for themselves only with British government. During the election of 1937 the congress which was a secular political movement won most of the seats and formed governments at providences. The league has failed miserably and to gain the votes of Muslims it started to put the division between these 2 communities just as we see in today’s vote-bank politics. The leaders of congress too had been unable to see the serious implications and same goes to the people of India.

The Indians had never taken their kings, queens and leaders too seriously. They are people of people and more concerned with the society and locality they lived. What people of power do didn’t matter for common people, only what your neighbor do mattered. India has seen Firoj Tuglak, Aurangjeb and others who killed in name of religion but people stood together. This time these new short-sighted leaders who were part of people attacked this bond.

First time in India the bond of brotherhood between its people has been attacked by its own men and this has soon got a mass fallowing. Both communities started to hate each-other and the religion came into play. In this hate they betrayed each-other and the trust they had. Indians have a long memory when it comes to enmity and betrayal. The people of India never forget or forgive a person who betrays whatever the reason. This is why jaychand, Mir Qasim, Meer Jafar and several others are in bad books of all people of India and will remain there till their name is known.

The fear of betrayal by other and lack of understanding the seriousness of situation in eyes of Gandhi created this demon and when this demon got unleashed on people millions died and this only strengthened this. The root cause is this betrayal, the people felt the top level hate with each other not because and they got partitioned it had been several time in past. It is because the trust got shattered and hearts got divided.

We are not enemies because we are people of different religion or ethnicity. We are enemies because we were same and we betrayed each other and we will remain enemy till this will be there.

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