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From the time of human started trade he is doing this by barter system. In past we provided one thing in place of another and today we provide some colorful paper for everything we purchase. With each passing day when we go to a shop to buy something we never wonder how much convenient life is with having thousands of money in purse with such a light weight or a simple plastic card with more or less then hundred thousand in it or a simple leaf of paper with our sign on it to make as much money as we have and want to transfer from one hand to other… A simple life and an easy life.

But is it this much simple or easier. Is use of paper money is a revolution in human history or a trick. Just seeing a currency Note in my hand I am not comfortable that much with its lightweight and purchasing power. It is a promise made by somebody whom I don’t know or never met that he will pay this to me or the bearer of this note but what if it fails to keep its promise up or what if there is nobody to ensure that this promise will have a chance like in a lawless state. Is this currency will provide us the same purchasing power in the promise is not behind it or he is not the trusted one or in middle of civil war. How this currency will help us to secure the food and basic necessities for our family and children when there is no law or how this will help us to increase the prosperity of our country with its everyday declining value.

The value of currency in market is based on the goodwill of government in market and the condition of your economy, better it is and better value it had against all other. So if government fails or economy go downwards its value decreases which directly means the increase in the price of goods it can buy or reduction in its purchasing power. Isn’t this is the time when our need is most urgent and when we need it to stay on its value to support us in darker days like a good wife rather than behaving like a girl friend of good times.

In past the entire world used gold, Silver and copper as their currency and with almost same rate of them in world their weight and numbers were that matters to its purchasing power. If there is a government or not if the economy is good or bad with this sure value money a peasant or common person is always able to see the darker days passing. Few decades ago we had the root of paper currency in this millennium old currency of world and it had provided almost an equal footing to all the nations to do business and to prosper. When we removed this root and interlinked all the paper currency to each other soon we saw the first unsynchronized growth of countries in human history. Some nations who enjoyed the technology at that time prospered on the expense of others and others are still unable to found their feet on sure ground.

Just because of some corrupt leaders or some greedy traders or fool bureaucrat, people of a undeveloped nation are unable to sustain the same life as a person of developed world sustain even when they are working several hours more than others. Just because world don’t think that our colored paper is not as valuable to their’s, children in our country are hungry and we can’t feed them with all this paper. Why is this money hurt us most when we need it most and still we feel free and easy?

I wonder for what this paper currency made us feel free, to be hungry, undernourished with no human facility for us. If this paper don’t help us when I am looking for its help what is the need of this?

Why I need this and feel free with this even when I work more than others and still gets peanuts in comparison to them. When all this hard and smart work don’t make us rich or proud and when we see all our labor gone wasted because somebody who don’t know us, my country or what it is decides that economy is not good and so the value of currency is go further down.

Are they considered the effort which we made everyday to be better and get basic human needs. Where is the free and fair play of free trade, where is the just rule of humanity when our children are hungry even when we worked 2 shift every day. Why this currency doesn’t got hold on something stronger and deep rooted to help us.

Why is it a cruel master of ours who equally punish us as rewards and penalty rather than being a caring friend who help us in our needs? So I ask to myself and to others, are we slaves of her or lover?