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We the people of Republic of India always feel proud on our democratic setup. Definitely we should feel proud on representative democracy of republic with excellent record but at the time of celebrating 60 years of our parliament I like to stop and see are we completely democratic.
15 general elections, dozens of assembly election and hundreds of municipality elections are held in Republic every 5 years or less but still we are facing thousands of problems. Still a lot of people are unsatisfied and felt unrepresented in this biggest festival of Democracy. I was feeling happy and proud at the eve of 13th may 2012 for completion of 60 years of temple of democracy then small news from a news paper get my attention. News about the representative system of government, so I start collecting information about the elections in India. To give you a clear picture about what I am trying to discuss I am sharing the data of last general election and UP assembly elections.
Indian general election, 2009 (vote cast 59.7%)
Alliance         Total Casted                         representation of               Seat won       Seat(%)
Name             votes (%)                  adult population   
UPA                37.22                                       22.22                           262                  48.25  
NDA               24.63                                       14.70                           159                  29.28
Third front      21.15                                       12.63                           79                    14.54
Forth Front      5.14                                         3.07                             27                    4.97
Others             6.51                                         3.88                             16                    2.95

Uttar Pradesh State Assembly Elections 2012 Vote Tally( 62.04% Voting)

Alliance         Total Casted                         representation of               Seat won       Seat(%)
Name                    votes (%)                         adult population   
SP                         29%                                         18%                             224                  55.58
BSP                     26%                                         16.13%                        80                    19.85
OTH            16%                                        9.92%                          15                    3.72
BJP                     15%                                          9.31%                          47                    11.66
CONG+          14%                                          8.68%                          37                    9.18
This data give us a clear picture of how much support a party needed to come into power either in union or state government, even a lot of vote of every party is shared between its defeated candidates so the exact need of winning votes will be very less then what every party gets in election. The irony of the situation is the representative government of republic is never having a support of majority of people not even majority share in casted votes. A minority government is representing the majority of populace. Is it a democracy?
We see the stupid or irresponsible comments from various politicians and sometimes we get a kick in back by them, they claim to represent various communities, states or different ethnic people and because of the irresponsible comment by these politicians a lot of people create a negative image of a particular group of people. Why politicians do it?
And if we look about those people who are not voting and don’t have any real representation in assembly are the biggest share of voters who are saying that they don’t approve the standing candidates. If the majority decides in democracy and majority of voters are not casting their votes just because of lack of option why we are not doing anything to provide them representation. Even the parties having sufficient voters base is gaining less seats or no seats because of a concentrated voter bank in a constituency. How is it a democracy in real terms if my vote doesn’t count and as the statics shows parties don’t need my vote and if I do vote for change it is a waste if not for a main political party.
I saw a few problems in our current election system:-
·         It is not representing the will of people in exact way.
·         The majority of voters are not participating in elections because they felt unrepresentative
·         Current election system is more for being in power or king maker rather than caring for people.
May be you people ask me why I am counting the negative points of election system and questioning the great Indian democracy. For this I have just one answer if people of Kashmir, and Naxalite areas will have been able to choose the people who want to do work for them rather than some person from a political party may be these problems have been solved a long time ago. Yes there are elected people from those areas but not elected by the majority so they don’t represent the majority and in harsh word don’t care for majority. The Elections are the biggest festival and biggest exam of a democratic country and if we are playing by cheatable rules how can we claim to be a democracy.
We need a new way of election and to ensure the representation of people in assembly need to define the rules by which a person who represent majority will be elected or a party get exact share in assembly as per its voter share. By this representative election only we can concentrate on the real issues of people of India. Europeans and American democracies are practicing this process and the success of these countries and the high HDI is proof of the success of this system. Our 60 year old system helped us a lot and it created a strong base for the acceptance of democracy in India. Now lets take this one step further, lets ensure that every citizen is represented and only work and idea for betterment of country matters in politics not you caste, religion or hate. There is one more benefit of representative system we will get rid of corrupt and criminals from our politics as only voters matter in this system not the leaders or electable. So presently the parties who are hesitating to clean the politics to lose the seats in parliament or assembly will be able to clan it.
I want to celebrate the next milestone of Indian democracy as 100% representation to people and by seeing a clean politics which is not a rosy dream if only we want to fulfill it.
Long live India. Long Live Democracy