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There was a king who ruled with such passion and love for people that his rule is defined as perfect and he became god. A war for good, which became myth. A politician, who is worshiped as god. A teacher who changed the destiny of a country.  A Badshah who was like polar star in medieval world and got the title of great from its people. A river which, becomes the pillar of a country, culture and religion. A mountain, which is crown of a nation. A desert which produce bravest warriors with high noble conduct. A plain which supported some of the greatest civilizations of world. A peninsula which is so rich in culture that affected most of the south East Asia with its way of life. A hilly forest which is one of the most beautiful places of the world.  4 books with so much knowledge that still world are looking at them. Welcome to India.
Today 1.21 billion people live in it and face daily challenges in their life. There is not enough medicine to cure all, not education for all, millions are people are living without house and other millions don’t have sanitation facilities in their house. The insurance of food and clean water for all is still a target to achieve. Some of the poorest and undernourished people live here but still India is not facing an Arab Spring or Syrian killings. It is unstable like other south Asian countries and if you ask a average Indian he still prefer to live in India. 
I thought about it and then there was a question why? Why is India not reacting like others are we indifferent to what happens near us? No, the peaceful support for Anna Hajare, the high voting % in the 2012 states elections tell that we care. The food shelters and Free water stalls in summer, free hot cloths in winter tells that Indian care for each other. Then there is a 2nd question if we are such a caring people why are we facing so many problems and behave in less civilized way in some situations.
I searched for these questions and their answers in our present and past of India. And I was taken by surprise when I found the answers. I found the Indian way, different from world, a very complicated for a foreigner but simple to Indians.
During its long journey of time India Developed some unique but effective systems to make things happen. One of them was Varn- System which today known as caste system. This was a great system in past which provide work and responsibility to every person and helped him to belong to a society but with time it lost its most wonderful feature, it was based on the basis of capability of a person to do the work rather than one’s birth. The objective of this system was to help an individual to grow and to put society before individual, this too was lost in the time.
But the change is emerging, a slow but much stable change, again capability is become the reason for a person’s work in most areas and the much criticized reservation system helped a lot of people to come in main stream, it may be reduced the growth of India in starting phase but it increased the harmony in India and if some people took the changes so lightly let me share one more point. This was the most smooth and peaceful sharing of power in human history. The change it created and the power it provided is enormous and still it was passed by a peaceful support by RastraPita “Mahatma Gandhi” and with a law. In any other country it would have been the reason for decade’s long civil war. The reach of wrong policies of this caste system is reducing every day. More and more castes are coming forward and the successful persons in a caste are helping others to grow. It is one of the best examples of sharing in world. There is a long way to go but the journey so for had been peaceful with only some incidents and hopefully the old varn-System will took place in coming future.
The Indians were criticized in most of the world history as not being warriors or not being invaders and murderers. Mostly Indians are vegetarians and there was campaigns which showed only meat make you brave. Indians waited with patience and respect for its ways and showed their way to world, rather than opposing the meat theory or teaching to be vegetarian Indians just showed what they are and now more and more people are becoming vegan and accepting other beautiful gift of India like yoga, Karma and Gita, even the non-vegetarian of India is becoming famous. After the days of who is better invader is gone the peaceful existence of Indians and their policy of not attacking others for wealth or land gained them a respectful place in world. With every passing day the world is trying to understand the India and its ways and the rise of India is just opposite to rise of China. Its rise is giving assurance to others that this is the country which always stand with right and in its own way.
One of the biggest problem of India was to ensure food for all. To solve the food problem, Indians had 3 options-
1.       To leave the problem on market and ensuring the environment for growth of market.
2.      To put state control on market, production and distribution.
3.      Leave the people to die.
But India opted the 4thway. It came up with the biggest welfare program of world- the Food Security bill. It doesn’t affect the market as price is not controlled for all; neither has it controlled production or distribution for all food. It ensures the distribution of food on low price to poor by government distribution system. A lot of person is criticizing this program because of the burden Government is going to take, but the beauty of system is, with food security bill India is running one of the biggest employment provider program NAREGA, which ensures 100 days work for poor people. The scheme has not achieved all the targets and is criticized for corruption but with the growth of Indian economy these schemes ensures that the government is willing to fight the poverty and the payment and other facilities to people is increasing with everyday. Even it generated employment for educated population of India as supervisors and managers of program and in the banks which were opened to operate the accounts of NAREGA.
The one of the biggest problem faced by world is availability of clean water. India with hundreds of rivers and average rainfall is facing the same problem, but the reason for this problem in India was not the lack of clean water but the misuse of water. To ensure water for all and agriculture India planned the biggest river connection program of world, but cancelled it due to lack of funds and change of government. Then it came with 2nd plan and made wells and ponds in a lot of rural areas under NAREGA and India is implementing a plan to recharge underground water with rainwater.
The housing for people is the 3rdbiggest problem of India and for this they are making several small homes on affordable price for low income group. The public and private both are active players in this domain and lacs of houses are building every year.
The next problem of India is lack of sanitation and medical facilities and for this some private companies are making public sanitation facilities with the contract of government. The government is also supporting a cleanliness campaign in whole India to encourage people to make sanitation facilities in their house. The healthcare is still a major concern in India but with the opening of private hospitals and government plan to open a medical college in every district will improve the healthcare facilities. Some of the present available health facilities are maintaining the world standard and increasing the medical tourism for India.
The electricity is the next issue for India. The government opened the power sector for private players and from then the availability of electricity is improved and it will take some time to ensure the uninterrupted electricity to all. India is not only generating the electricity but also encouraging on green electricity and R & D in this sector.
 Presently India is 2nd in producing the engineers in world and more than 2 million people graduate every year. As of 2009, India has 20 central universities, 215 state universities, 100 deemed universities, 5 institutions established and functioning under the State Act, and 33 institutes which are of national importance. Other institutions include 16000 colleges, including 1800 exclusive women’s colleges, functioning under these universities and institutions. As of 2011, there is 1522 degree-granting engineering colleges in India with an annual student intake of 582,000 plus 1,244 polytechnics with an annual intake of 265,000. India has a huge education system (3rd in world) but it needed to be huger to cover all India and with time the standards of these colleges are improving. From independence till now India has touched some major mile stones in education area and with more participation of private sector, government and the right to education and mid day meal, the education % of India has improved and this was considered one of the main reasons for economic rise of India.
The young and vibrant India which is coming out of colleges and working in private or public sector has a dream of developed India which he shares with all the other Indians. These are the people who made these things happen and given the economic rise to their beloved India and made it proud with their behavior in most part of the world. These are the engine of growth of India and the character of unstoppable India. They want best for themselves, for their family. They are the voice who raises the issue in society and political forum. They are the determination to make things happen. They don’t pick Kalashnikovs neither they wave banners on street but the take the streets to go for work and making India more stable and prosperous every day. They are part of the solution and belong to a landmass who journeyed thousands of KM before reaching its destination and people who lived thousands of years on it with one determination, we are here and we belong here. India faced attacks from invaders, it saw death of millions by droughts, flood and illness but it never stopped fighting back and standing on its feet. The unbreakable journey of 7000 years is not a transfer of culture or civilization; it is the journey of Unstoppable India.