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Onceupon a time, a long time ago, a woman was watering her sheep.  Her husband had reminded her to cover thewell tightly when she was done as water was scarce. But when she was done, sheforgot to close the well.  Soon,the well filled and water poured out and began to flood the grassland atthe bottom of the hill.  The sheepbleated in fright.
Justthen, a warrior came riding by. “Can you help me?” the womancried.  “I cannot stop thewater!” The warrior shot an arrow into the tallest mountain, splitting itin two. One part fell onto the well and stopped the water from pouring out.
Thewoman turned to the warrior, eager to thank him and to offer him food to eatwhen suddenly something occurred to her. She blurted, “But how will I getto the water again?  It is under amountain!” The warrior only bowed and smiled and went on his way.
Whenthe woman realized that she had not offered food or greeting, she hung her headin shame.
This is an old Chinese storywhich was taught to the children to learn manners and give respect to all. Then,there was a story of holding 2 Indians as hostage for wrongdoing of the companythey served and attack on one Indian embassy officer when he went to help them.There are rumors, suspicions and fears in neighbors of china and the irony ofthe situation is the fear and suspicions are because of peaceful rise of china.So there is just 2 options either all the neighbors are wrong or there is notjust a peaceful rise of china and its economy.
I wondered about these 2clashing points a peace which is frightening the neighbors and searched for thereasons and tried to understand the china story.
One of the ancient names ofchina was “Chung Kuo” which means center country and also haven under sky. Itis a country which still holds its ancient traditions and culture withinitself. China has made Europeans amazed with its culture, colors of life and dragonstories from the time of Romans till now. Silk and Black Powder are two mostknown contributions of china to world. The teaching of Confucius and Lau Tseare still loved and taught in most part of the world. How is it become possiblethat the formers of 40 centuries, the famous Peking-Man who flourished with theteaching of Lord Buddha become the threat for its neighbors and world?
Why the world is not feelingsafe with the rise of china and why world economy is more threatened because ofchina?
China was never known as awelfare state. The needs and demands of Chinese people were never high neither thelocal population was known as rich fellows who traveled the world. The fertileland and separation of china by mountains, deserts and ocean left it untouchedwith the changes of the world. Now when the physical distance means no morestill china is untouched because of the barriers installed by communist china.
China fought wars with Russia,Japan and Mongols and got divided like a cake by European countries during colonialera. The Afeem used by Europeans to subdue Chinese people still holds itseffect in background. Being overrun and divided by other nations left Chinese leadershipwith a mind set of prevailing over all others.
The 1st part of 20thcentury was the time when world was changing. A lot of Asian and Africancountries were gaining their Independence from European countries and trying toget their footstep on world stage. Some of them are trying for it till now butsome has emerged as main players on world stage like India, Israel, and Chinabut there is a period of few years before Mao and his long march when democracytried to get hold in china but it was overrun by Mao and Communist China had born.
A lot of maybe say that Mao wasright and the iron hand of communism is required to make china grow but we allknow communism is failed and even china has lost more than it had gained fromcommunism. Today china is a capitalist country under the disguise of communismand one of the few remaining governments who are near to totalitarian system.
A country with 3 trillion $reserve is killing its people for their demands of basic human needs. It’s a jokeor tragedy only history will decide. A people’s republic where, people of chinaneed permission to go, to buy and even to give birth to children. A governmentwhich, support every illegitimate government of world and deals with them evenif, they are banned by UNO.
Mao had told its followers-
“EveryCommunist must grasp the truth; “Political power grows out of the barrelof a gun.”
This was truth during the timeof WWII and but not in today’s world and this is a thing which China and itsgovernment is due to learn. They have to accept that world had changed and withthis change the priories of people to changed but the communist in china are fearfulof accepting it and trying to put whole Chinese population in the fanciful dreamsof future which is more dangerous of Afeem used by colonial power in china andthis is because they don’t want to let the power slip from their hands.
The poverty is worst in chinaand same goes with human rights. A lot of Chinese people are founding thenrootless because they were removed from their homes and neighborhood to givespace for infrastructure. It will be look good at first glance and will make alot of us to think it as an effective solution for all the mismanaged neighborhoodsbut if we look deeply then we find a feeling of non-belongings in people. Mostof us are working out of our home city and we all can understand this feelingif it will be forced upon us to leave the home and playground for some otherpeople or government planning just because you are poor or living is slumareas.
We all had seen the skyscrapersof Shanghai, the highways of china, Chinese product in cheap cost in our marketand some wonder and some criticize them for price and quality but very few criticizethem for the process of production or the unfair handling of labors to makethem cheap. They are cheap not because of some production revolution but becauseof mishandling of people.
This is not the China which Maodid not want to built, nor this is the china which is shown in the story. Even thisis not the china which a common Chinese wanted. A place, where governmentshoots you because you don’t agree with it or remove you from your home becauseyou are not fitting in its plan of development. Yes the economy of china wasgrown and become the 2nd largest, it has biggest foreign reserve andhad a powerful military. I am not going into its not freeing Yuan like other currenciesof world for valuation by market, neither in the threats of its military rightnow because it will take some more time to gather some information but I ammore concerned with that common Chinese who is more threatened by china in comparisonof any of us. This is why we feel threatened by china and its peaceful rise.
The revolution of china is farfrom done and it’s now up to Chinese government and its people to decide whichpath china will fallow. The same which a lot of totalitarian governmentsfallowed and perished or the path which others followed and flourished. Till theday china doesn’t decide the entire world is watching it with gun near to hand.