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There are 2 nations who livedas one for thousands of years with love and harmony then they departed theirways and still they are enchanted with each other. Being Anti- India and Anti Pakistanhas become a qualification of patriotism. We are bound to see each other as anenemy and always try to overrun every opportunity for peace.  
India and Pakistan had fought 4wars in last 64 years 3 of them are on Kashmir issue and 1 war for Bangladesh.We had won all those wars and from 1965 the difference between Indian and Pakistanarmed forces are enlarging day by day. Now we are in a definite situation towin in any conventional war with our western neighbor and we are now a regionalpower with a lot of stars and achievement on our shoulder.  The political will is to place India as a globalplayer with increased economy, Better HDI and well armed and trained armedforces to defend our interest. We are officially shifting our gaze from Pakistanto China but in reality this is a long walk. The main threat to India, its stabilityand growth is China but all our leadership is still bound with Pakistan. Our politicalleader pass a anti-Pakistan comment and achieve a instant popularity, ourgenerals assure us that they can deal with Pakistan and we sleep happily thatnight. We had done well in cornering Pakistan and overlapping in defense andeconomy but this is the time to move on. 
We face threats of terrorism,war and less economical benefits because of Pakistan and it is acting as anenemy should act but the real problem of terrorism is not in the terrorists whofought us but it’s in the finance and psychology which make them to fight usand we all know Pakistan is not able to finance them single handily and neverit was. Our defense forces and leaders are working really hard to reduce thisthreat but how can you cure a disease without killing its viruses. The antiIndian politician in India and Pakistan are also one of the root causes of thisproblem because they find the recruit for terrorism with the help of financethey are receiving and we are working to just reduce the damage of their workrather than solving the problem. Sometimes I wonder are our leadership isunwilling or incapable or lack the basic common sense and logic which I neededto solve the problem of Pakistan and its work. Every time a person goes againstPakistan’s propagandas for Indian Muslims and he is banned as a Hinduist orright wing politician. For me India is a secular country and the persons wholive here are living as Indian not as Hindu or Muslim. In this particular areaPakistan has proven itself as a threat to Indian harmony but still we are notworking to remove root cause. In a tense situation we become Hindu, Muslim,anti- Pakistani, anti-Hindu, anti-Muslim, but It is very rare when we react asjust Indian(thank god recently the percentage is increasing).
The hate Pakistan shows forIndia and their blindness towards history because we have a common past is achallenge for us. To ignore such hate and bitterness for our good is not acommon human tendency. A man feels insecure in hostile situations and tries oneslevel best to secure its parameters but a situation like this become more dangerouswhen this men stop seeing all the threats even those which come in future witha cool mind and only reacts to the threat which it faces at a time. It iscalled survival and survival of anything is not everlasting. Our reaction tothe threats of Pakistan is more or less same. This is a challenge which we needto face and overcome if we want to be a global player in true term. We have tostop reacting each and every time Pakistan says something and start behavingmore maturely. We need to overcome our anti- Pakistan thinking and need toshift more pressuring problem.
But what I really believe is thatPakistan is for the most part neither a threat nor a challenge but a parasiteto Indian Think Tank. For last 64 years we had done all to defeat Pakistan ifit attack us, on international stage, we done all to counter it and its moveeven the citizen of India are more busy in comparing themselves and provingthemselves better then citizen of Pakistan. Yes, comparison is good and requiredfor growth but a comparison with those who are ahead of you not with those whoare behind you. Comparing India with a nation which is still finding a reasonto be a nation, where Jehad is more important than bread for children is awrong thing to do. This is the time to leave Pakistan where it is with an eyeon its move and concentrate on other players of stage and we must start workingto counter them.
GOI has started to move its focuson china but still we are working on to make sure to stop a Chinese invasionmilitarily or economically. We should work on to defeat china in these sectors.Time to overcome this parasite and becoming a world player is now and if we dropthis chance we will be like Japan with a lot of potential but only with lot of potential.Our concern is China and now it’s time for Indian populace to change their focuswe need to know more about them as we know about Pakistan and once we becomeequal or better then china the problem of Pakistan will be nothing more than a smallhurdle in the path of a mighty river.
The idea that a warcan be won by standing on the defensive and waiting for the enemy to attack isa dangerous fallacy, which owes its inception to the desire to evade the priceof victory.   – Douglas Haig